Life Lessons from Downton Abbey

Last week on Downton one of my favorite characters, Carson the Butler, said…

The business of life is the acquisition of memories.

That line has entered my head over and over this week in so many different contexts. Who knew British period drama could be so enlightening?!
You have probably already connected this line to your life in some way or another. Have you thought of it like this? Is my preoccupation with my weight, body, food choices, food planning, food recording, exercise, etc… getting is the way of my life or my acquisition of memories?
For many of you, the answer is simply “no.” For others, this may make you think. If an unhealthy preoccupation is getting in the way of potential memory-making moments, it’s time to think about moving your mind to a healthier place.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments…

One thought on “Life Lessons from Downton Abbey

  1. Leslie, that line struck me too. At different times obsession with food has gotten in the way of living my life, as has obsession with weight and exercise. I am relieved to live freely now, though I fear that if I start gaining weight, the obsession will come back. Freedom feels precarious sometimes.

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