Dear Star Magazine (& Your Gossip Mag Siblings)

Dear Star Magazine,

Last week I was checking out at the grocery store when the cover of your magazine took my breath away. And not in a good way. I work with people who suffer with eating disorders and danger aheaddisordered eating. This type of media coverage (or lack there of) isn’t the helpful kind. At first glance, one may think your magazine is issuing a statement of concern. A closer glance, which I hope your readers just don’t take, gave me the distinct impression that this was an act of glamorizing a potentially deadly disorder.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really don’t want to ascribe malice where sheer incompetence would suffice (thanks Napoleon). However, I just don’t believe you’re that clueless. I believe you knew exactly what you were doing. Shock value sells products, right? You have every right to sell your product and opinion. It’s part of the beauty of living in America. On the flip-side, I can refuse to purchase your magazine and have my own opinion. I candidly shared my opinion and anger with you in this video last week.

Airbrushed images, along with those glamorizing eating disorders, are simply dangerous. Studies suggest that viewing these types of images even just for a few minutes negatively impact our own self-image. I have a hard time understanding why tobacco, alcohol, and certain magazines are sold behind the counter or in censored packaging yet your current issue, which is equally if not more damaging, remains front and center at the check out counter. We don’t even have to choose to purchase it to be impacted by it’s negative messages. It’s clear to me that your magazine has missed the tips for responsible media coverage so I’ve provided the link here. Please consider the damage that your magazine’s images could cause. I hope that when my daughter is old enough to pay attention to magazines at the check out counter, yours will then be acting responsibly or no longer present. I urge you to consider the potential consequences of these images before you print another magazine like this.


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