How in the World do you Cook Spaghetti Squash?!

Not sure how to cook or eat spaghetti squash? It’s a question I get a lot these days! Try this easy recipe.

Spag Squash

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. One large squash serves ~ 4. Slice stem to end, scrape out seeds, and place cut side down in microwave safe dish. Steam in microwave for 10 minutes. Drain well and scrape into bowl. Caution: it’s hot!!!

I use a dish towel to hold. Beat two eggs and mix into spaghetti squash with 1/2 Parmesan cheese and pepper to taste. I top with grated Parmesan & Italian spices. Bake for ~25 minutes until golden around edges. Let set about 5 min.

Serve as side or base for an Italian meat sauce. Yum!

Are you guilty of the worst leftover mistake?

Do leftovers get you down or even gross you out? Does thought of having the same ol’ pork chop make you want to hit the pizza speed dial button? Listen, you are not alone.

Meal planning and strategically using leftovers is one of my specialties. Over the years, I’ve learned how to transform that boring chicken breast into something the neighbors call “restaurant” food. And, I promise it’s doesn’t take a cooking show production either.

chicken with roasted potatoes

Have you made these leftover mistakes?

  1. Reheating the same old food in the same form day after day?
  2. Overcooking while reheating in the microwave?
  3. Not using sauces or textures changes?

Those are major leftover mistakes but the absolute worst offender is…

Calling your meal “leftover!”

Doesn’t smothered grilled chicken sound better than “leftovers.” Give it and shot and let me know how it goes! Here’s a quick video segment I did on repurposing your meals. If you need more help signup for my free 3-day sample and updates at

Have a tasty week!

Help! This Gal needs a Chip

tortilla chips

No tortilla chips? No problem. You can easily make your own!

Usually, I have plain ol’ corn tortillas around the house. So, this recipe is easy peasy!

Turn oven to broil. Using a pizza cutter, quarter small(taco size) corn tortillas. Cut as many as you like. Put one layer cut tortillas on baking sheet. Lightly spray with olive oil, add salt to taste. I add paprika too for the smokey flavor. You can add any spice you like to taste.

Put in oven on broil (middle rack) for 2-3 minutes. Remove from oven, flip the chips over and broil another 2-3 minutes. Make sure to watch them–all broilers are different and you don’t want with burnt chips.

Enjoy! Serve with salsa or smashed avocado. Store leftovers in airtight container. 

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Cranberries & BBQ? You bet!

We often think about cranberries around the holidays, but these versatile, nutrient-packed berries can add flavor and health benefits year-round. Not only can these tart little berries aid in maintaining and preventing urinary tract infections, a review in Advances in Nutrition suggested that cranberries also play a role in cardiovascular health. So, it’s a good idea to keep cranberries in mind for year- round dining. For example, this Cranberry BBQ sauce, is a tangy addition to a BBQ sandwich of your liking.

Cranberry Barbecue Sauce (recipe provided by The Cranberry Institute)

1 Tbsp. vegetable oil

1 cup minced yellow onion (don’t like onions, no sweat, leave them out)

1 tsp. minced garlic

1 tsp. dry mustard

1 tsp. chili powder

1.5 Tbsp. tomato paste

1.5 cups cranberry sauce (can use 12 oz can)

1/4 cup cider vinegar

1 Tbsp. dark molasses

1/4-1/2 cup water, if needed


In a saucepan, heat oil over medium heat. Add onions and saute at least 2 minutes until transparent. Mix in garlic, mustard and chili powder and continue cooking 1 minute. Stir in tomato paste and cook 1 more minute. Add cranberry sauce, vinegar and molasses. Bring to a simmer, whisking often until mixture becomes smooth. Lower heat and simmer 15-20 minutes until sauce thickens. Add water if sauce gets too thick. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Store in covered container in refrigerator until ready to use. Reheat before using.

Suggestions for use:

-Top your BBQ sandwich, chicken or pork are both super tasty with the sauce.

-Add to coleslaw for a tangy punch.

-Use as a dip.

-Mix with olive oil for a Cranberry BBQ vinaigrette.

-Jazz up your plain ol’ turkey sandwich.


Disclaimer: I was compensated by The Cranberry Institute to do a tv segment, but was not compensated to write this blog.


Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Goodness

You can’t skip over that title can you?!

I’m a cheese hound and I just happen to love veggies too. Here’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy cauliflower. I have to credit my neighbor, Camille, for introducing me to this tasty combo! If you’re thinking about leaving off the cheese because you’re trying to cut fat or you’re lactose intolerant, think again. The small amount of fat per serving adds flavor and satiety of your meal (along with the bonus protein). And, cheddar cheese is very low in lactose.


-One head cauliflower, whole, cleaned and trimmed

-2 tbsp water

-1/4 c Greek yogurt, mayonnaise or sour cream (your choice)

-1-2 tsp mustard (any you like plain or fancy)

-Salt & Pepper to taste

-1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Place the cauliflower in a microwave-safe glass dish with cover. Add water and cook on high for about 10 minutes or until cauliflower is soft. While the cauliflower is cooking, mix the yogurt (or mayo/sour cream) with the mustard, salt and pepper. When cauliflower is cooked and soft, carefully remove from Cauliflower w cheesemicrowave, drain water in dish, spread yogurt, mustard mixture over the cauliflower and then sprinkle with cheese. Cook 2 more minutes. Remove from microwave and let set for about 5 minutes. Cut slices like a pie.

Don’t you leave any cheese in the bottom of that bowl!

Enjoy. :)

Frittata in a Flash!

You all know I’m a fan of eggs–like an eat them everyday fan. If you’re in a hurry you can still get a delish egg dish by cooking it up the night before. So the “flash” is your reheated slice you can serve or even take with you in the morning. We made one tonight. Enjoy!

Leslie’s Favorite Frittata

2 T Butter

6 whole eggs

½-1 c any cheese you like, shredded or sliced

Any flavors you like even leftover stuff (tonight I used leftover ham, cubed with cheddar cheese)

Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter in ovenproof medium skillet over medium heat. Pour beaten eggs into skillet. Top with cheese. Cook on stovetop about 10 minutes until bottom is firm. Transfer to oven for 10-12 minutes (until middle is not runny). Enjoy by reheating (~30-45 seconds to start)  in the microwave for breakfast.  You can also serve with a mixed green salad at lunch, brunch or dinner!

Eggcellent, I know.

Tuscan Style Flat Iron Steak

Believe it or not, I learned this fabulous recipe during my time at the CIA. If I tell you about it, I’ll have to kill you. ;)  Actually, I’m talking about the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley. This recipe has been a staple since I went to the Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives event a couple of years ago. This simple recipe is fabulous for a crowd, cost-effective and wonderful leftover. And, since I aspire to be Italian, it’s one of my favorite go-to recipes for family meals and entertaining. This serves approximately 6 people unless you’re feeding serious meatatarians, then it’s more like 4 to 5 portions.Here’s what you’ll need.

2, ~1 lb flat iron steaksCIA Beef
2 large lemons
¼+ high quality, extra virgin olive oil
Coarse salt of choice like Kosher
Fresh Ground Pepper
4 tbsp, fresh rosemary sprigs

Here’s what you do.
Remove flat irons from packaging and place in a 9 x 13 inch dish. Note that you’ll reserve some lemon juice, olive oil and rosemary for after cooking. Juice one lemon and coat the steaks, drizzle the olive oil over the steaks, add salt and pepper to taste, and then sprinkle with 3 tbsp of the rosemary.
Let steaks sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. During this time you can preheat your grill or grill pan.
Place on grill at medium to high heat. Grill approximately 6-8 minutes per side turning only once. The thickness of the steak varies so cook to your desired level of doneness. (Click here for grilling tips). Once you remove from the grill let sit for 5 minutes covered with foil. Slice and top with remaining lemon juice, olive oil and rosemary.

Here’s how you serve and serve leftover.IMG_3263
This is great served with roasted potatoes and a side salad. For leftovers, I usually throw it on top of salad or make a chopped steak & cheese quesadilla for little C to take for lunch.